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Our Commercial Air Quality and Mold Testing Services

Air Quality & mold testing services are provided with specialized scientific instrumentation along with lab testing to determine the level of exposure in specific areas of the building.

This type of service is ideal for building managers, building owners and Human Resource personnel who want to address employee concerns and/or complaints.

Building occupants may perceive an air quality problem when there is none and scientific testing is the quickest way to put occupants at ease. Often, air quality issues detected in a building are actually caused by the occupants themselves or by janitorial/building activities. Once the issues have been determined, a plan of action is created with options for remediation or air quality improvements.

Testing services available for:

  • Mold in the air, wall cavities, attics, basements and crawlspaces
  • Check HVAC/heating/air conditioning system(s) for contamination
  • Measurement of Carbon Monoxide & Carbon Dioxide (Ventilation)
  • Check for moisture issues, leaks or potential moisture sources
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs or chemical off-gassing)
  • Contaminants/pollutants from nearby business or activities
  • Formaldehyde
  • Sewer Gas
  • Gas Leaks
  • Biological contaminants
  • Airborne or surface dust for allergens
  • Electro-pollution exposure
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