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Our Goal

Today many homes and offices have environmental pollution problems. As a result, occupants often experience discomfort, allergic reactions and sometimes severe illness. From toxic mold to electro-pollution to gas leaks, air quality factors can affect occupants. Our goal is to help you create a health supporting environment because we know your indoor environment has a profound influence on your health!

We are equipped with the latest technology available in the air quality and mold industry, including state-of-the-art particle counters that can detect mold and other pollutants in real time, thermal imaging infrared cameras to detect leaks and moisture in walls or ceilings, gas detectors, VOC meters and more. We also use the Mycometer, an EPA-approved methodology that measures mold and bacteria on surfaces and in the air in a matter of hours. As a result, one visit can provide you with meaningful scientific data about your air quality quickly.

Above all, we provide each client with an action plan to resolve any issues that were discovered.

Our Technicians


  From left to right: Martine, Dave, Erik, Eric



Martine Davis, a Certified Building Biologist (BBEC), founded the company in 2000. She a graduate of ISU and the International Institute for Building Biology where she was a Senior Instructor for 17 years.

She is Director of Instruction for the Mold & IAQ Board of Professional Ethics and is the author of the textbook “Advanced Indoor Air Quality Testing: A Manual for Professionals”.

She has held ACAC (American Council for Accredited Certification) certifications as a Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant (CIE), Certified Microbial Investigator (CMI), Certified Residential Mold Inspector (CRMI), is Mold Certified by InterNACHI (IAC2 certification), and was licensed by the state of Illinois as a Lead Inspector and Risk Assessor.

She has inspected/tested well over 4,000 homes & buildings. Her expertise includes indoor air quality inspections, mold testing, air quality and odor investigations, water-damaged buildings, sick buildings, and electro pollution mitigation.