Air quality testing 

Air Quality Assessment:

– Client interview to  determine areas of focus for survey
– Check for biological contaminants –  ie. molds, bacteria
– Check for particulate levels in various rooms
– Check dust mite levels
– Check for VOC levels (chemical offgassing)
– Check for moisture problems or potential moisture sources
– Check heating/air conditioning system for contamination
– Electronic check of gas appliances for leaks
– Measurement of Carbon  Monoxide & Carbon Dioxide
– Lab Analysis of air samples for allergens, mold counts, mold fragments, and fibers
– Feline, Canine and Mouse allergen tests are available for additional fee
– Testing for Mycotoxins and PCR (DNA testing) also available

Our Sleeping Area Assessment includes:
– Visual exam for biological contaminants, moisture issues, fungi
– Olfactory air quality assessment
– Measurement of Body Voltage in sleeping area
– Measurement of current on water pipes
– Locate sources of electric and magnetic fields
– Reduction of body voltage by manipulation of electrical distribution system
– Measure bed for disturbed DC magnetic field zones
– Measurement of Electro stress from house wiring & bedroom appliances
– Summary email with findings and recommendations for addressing problem areas