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Martine Davis, CEO

Martine Davis, founded the company in 2000. She taught at the prestigious International Institute for Building Biology as the senior instructor for 17 years and authored the textbook “Advanced Air Quality Testing: A Manual for Professionals”.

Indoor Environmental Testing offers services in indoor air quality, mold inspections & testing, odor investigations, water-damaged buildings, sick buildings, and electro-pollution mitigation. When it is an especially difficult case, Martine herself will travel to the location. She is also a resource for many doctors and healthcare professionals and is a great communication bridge for those currently suffering from being environmentally sensitive. To date, she has inspected over 4,000 homes and buildings.

Unfortunately, it was necessity that brought her to this field, as she herself was a victim of the invisible predators known as environmental poisons. She was enjoying her life and had a successful career in IT, and had just moved into a new house. Then she suddenly felt ill and had awful symptoms that wouldn’t go away. After many years pursued with doctor visits that led nowhere, she was motivated to get her own answers. Born with a scientific mind and driven by data, Martine decided to attend environmental biology school. She tested her own house, and the rest is history.

A goal that Martine set for herself was that nobody ever has to go through the suffering that she had experienced. The empathy that accompanied her translated into being meticulous and tenacious until she found an issue’s underlying cause. Her efforts thrust the industry forward and guided those who felt helpless as to what could be causing their malaise.

Eric D.

Eric is a Building Biologist in Tennessee. He covers Nashville, Knoxville and Asheville, NC. Eric’s previous work in home construction, carpentry, masonry, cabinetry and remodeling gives him a great background for building biology and air quality inspections. His training in Electromagnetic radiation exposure and mitigation along with his thorough understanding of electro-sensitivity, mold illness and chemical sensitivity give him a keen eye for the small details that may affect occupants in a big way. Eric has been inspecting homes and commercial buildings for more than 15 years.


Erik K.

For the past 8 years, Erik has inspected hundreds of homes for mold and air quality issues, fire damage, water-damage and category 3 water losses. He has a passion for everything related to home building, home maintenance, air quality and the prevention of mold issues. He can quickly assess a home, learn its history, collect samples from the affected areas and discover potential hidden water damage. Erik is also trained in the detection of VOCs, gas and particle pollution. He is a Certified Instascope Technician.

Dave B


Dave has conducted mold and air quality inspections for the past 10 years. His meticulous attention to detail makes him a perfect candidate for detecting defects and hidden mold in homes. His training and experience also include chemical testing (VOCs, Formaldehyde, gas leaks, fire residue) and allergen testing. Dave is a certified Mycometer Analyst and a Certified Instascope Technician.

Dave D

Dave has been involved with building and zoning for most of his career. He was zoning officer for 18 years and County Board Supervisor in the Janesville area for 5 years. He has been conducting air quality, mold and EMF inspections for 2 years. His training includes mold inspections, air quality assessments, odor investigations, wall cavity testing, VOC and Formaldehyde testing, smoke damage testing and allergen testing.