Our Goal

Today many homes and offices have environmental  pollution problems. However, much can be done by each individual to create a health supporting environment. Our mission at Indoor Environmental Testing Inc. is to help people do this.

Our basic purpose is to help people realize that the indoor environment has a profound influence on health. We have the knowledge and technology to help people evaluate indoor environments and make them health-supporting. Whether the problem is cell phone tower radiation or toxigenic mold, it can mitigated and scientifically tested to confirm a successful outcome. Indoor Environmental Testing Inc. ‘s expertise includes indoor environmental inspections, measurement and interpretation of environmental parameters, safe building practices, air and water purification systems, and countermeasures for electromagnetic and high frequency radiation exposure.

Our Technicians


    Martine (Madison, WI)    Dave (Madison, WI)             Erik (Madison, WI)                             Eric (Nashville, TN)