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About Us

Martine Davis, BBEC
Certified Building Biologist
Founder/CEO, Indoor Environmental Testing

Martine Davis is a trailblazer in the field of environmental biology. She is the founder and CEO of Indoor Environmental Testing and author of the textbook, “Advanced Indoor Air Quality Testing: A Manual for Professionals.” She also taught at the prestigious International Institute for Building Biology as the senior instructor for 17 years.

Indoor Environmental Testing offers expert service in indoor air quality inspections, mold testing, air quality and odor investigations, water-damaged buildings, sick buildings, and electro-pollution mitigation. When it is an especially difficult case, Martine herself will travel to the location. She is also a resource for many doctors and healthcare professionals and is a great communication bridge for those currently suffering from being environmentally sensitive. To date, she has inspected over 4,000 homes and buildings.

Martine’s induction to the environment biology field was a godsend for the industry, as her involvement moved the industry light years ahead. Unfortunately, it was necessity that brought her to this field, as she herself was a victim of the invisible predators known as environmental poisons.

She was enjoying her life and had a successful career in IT, and had just moved into a new house. Then she suddenly felt ill and had awful symptoms that wouldn’t go away. After many years pursued with doctor visits that led nowhere, she was motivated to get her own answers. Born with a scientific mind and driven by data, Martine decided to attend environmental biology school. She tested her own house, and the rest is history.

A goal that Martine set for herself was that nobody ever has to go through the suffering that she had experienced. The empathy that accompanied her translated into being meticulous and tenacious until she found an issue’s underlying cause. Her efforts thrust the industry forward and guided those who felt helpless as to what could be causing their malaise.

Martine made her goal into a reality through her ability to educate and make advances in the industry itself, such as using state-of-the-art instrumentation and tools. Martine then decided she could directly help those hardest hit by starting her own company.

Born in France, she came to the United States at 20 years of age. Martine received her degree in IT from Illinois State University. Bilingual in English and French, her hobbies include gardening and reading. She also has a love of pit bull terriers. She is the proud mother of one human son and one dog son.