Our Goal

==Today many homes and offices have environmental  pollution problems. However, much can be done by each individual to create a health supporting environment. Our mission at Indoor Environmental Testing Inc. is to help people do this.

Our basic purpose is to help people realize that the indoor environment has a profound influence on health. We have the knowledge and technology to help people evaluate indoor environments and make them health-supporting. Whether the problem is cell phone tower radiation or toxigenic mold, it can mitigated and scientifically tested to confirm a successful outcome. Indoor Environmental Testing Inc. ‘s expertise includes indoor environmental inspections, measurement and interpretation of environmental parameters, safe building practices, air and water purification systems, and countermeasures for electromagnetic and high frequency radiation exposure.

About Our S T A F F

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Martine, CEO                             Dave (Madison, WI)                              Erik (Madison, WI)                                 Eric (Nashville, TN)

Martine Davis, President of Indoor Environmental Testing, Inc. founded the company in 2000. A software engineer for 20 years, Martine was drawn to Environmental Health and Air Quality after she suffered a devastating illness later found to be caused by a “sick home”. At the time, little was known about environmental illness. She was mis-diagnosed with several diseases and not given much hope for recovery.

In order to get well, Martine embarked on a nationwide hunt for education and training on the effects of indoor air pollution and studied the impact of buildings and air quality on human health.

Armed with this new information, Martine was able to conduct testing in her own home and implement remediation procedures. She has now fully recovered and enjoys good health once again. In addition to investigating Indoor Air Quality and Electro-Pollution issues, Martine teaches Indoor Air Quality classes nationwide.


Martine is a Certified Building Biologist, a graduate of Illinois State University and the International Institute for Building Biology where she was a senior instructor for 15 years. She is Director of Instruction for the Mold & IAQ Board of Professional Ethics, is the author of the textbook “Advanced Indoor Air Quality Testing: A Manual for Professionals” and co-author of the textbook “Indoor Air & Water Quality“. She has held ACAC (American Council for Accredited Certification) certifications as a Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant (CIE), Certified Microbial Investigator (CMI), Certified Residential Mold Inspector (CRMI), is IAC2 Mold Certified by InterNACHI, and was licensed as a Lead Inspector and Risk Assessor in the State of Illinois. She has inspected/tested more than 3,000 residential & commercial buildings. Her expertise includes indoor air quality inspections, mold and moisture investigations, sick building issues, odor investigations and electro-pollution health issues (EMF Measurement and mitigation).