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Contamination of drinking water can expose you to harmful chemicals you can’t see, taste or smell. we are now equipped to collect a certified lab sample to identify potential risks in your home’s drinking water.

Lead: detected in more than 20% of tap water, lead is a neurotoxin and very harmful to children, impacting brain development and behavior.

Arsenic: Perhaps the most potent carcinogen in US tap water, arsenic is detected in 10% of all samples submitted.

Nickel: Many people have skin and throat allergies when they ingest nickel at elevated levels. Not EPA-regulated, nickel is often detected if a home has nickel plated fixtures.

Coliform and E. Coli Bacteria: If your water comes from a local utility, bacterial contamination is uncommon but private well water should be tested for bacterial pathogens.

Nitrates: Nitrates and nitrites may indicate possible contamination from nearby agricultural runoff. It is particularly a risk in rural and suburban areas.

Hardness: Hard water clogs and breaks your plumbing, leaves film on glassware, prohibits soap from lathering and can taste chalky.

IET uses certified laboratories, provides unbiased water treatment advice and health-risk assessment. Add water testing to your next air quality inspection!